13 Fanboy Trailer Shows Friday the 13th & Halloween Actors Being Hunted

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13 Fanboy Trailer Shows Friday the 13th & Halloween Actors Being Hunted

The first 13 Fanboy trailer shows stars of classic slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th being stalked and killed by an obsessive fan.

In the official trailer for 13 Fanboy, all is not well for the survivors of classic horror movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween. The horror movie is directed by Deborah Voorhees, a.k.a. Tina from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, who will also play herself in the upcoming film. As the title suggests, a diehard slasher fan takes his love for the genre too far when he goes on the hunt for the stars of his favorite films.

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Slasher News posted the official 13 Fanboy trailer on Youtube to ring in the fall season. Along with Voorhees, a host of familiar faces play themselves in the movie, including iconic scream queen Dee Wallace (Cujo, ET, Halloween (2007)) and Kane Hodder, who lurked behind Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask in four Friday the 13th films. Interestingly, Corey Feldman, perhaps the most recognizable name in the cast who also played Tommy Jarvis in the Friday the 13th series, appears as a new character. Voorhees penned the script with Joel Paul Reisig and will release the film under the Voorhees Films production banner. 13 Fanboy will premiere on October 22. Watch the full trailer below:

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