14 Fascinating Unknown Indie Games To Play Straight Away

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14 Fascinating Unknown Indie Games To Play Straight Away

More games come out a day than an infinite number of monkey would be able to play. However, as one simple chimpanzee, I have compiled a list of 14 recently released indie games that fell beneath the gaming press’s radar. With over eight billion genres represented, there’s got to be something you’ll like.

I stress, these are not (with the exception of one) games I’ve played. As such, I don’t vouch for their quality. But after putting out a clarion call for indie developers to get in touch with games they released to little attention, these are a few I was able to dig out of the mountain of emails that soon consumed me and my whole family.

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Just released in Early Access on Epic’s store, Against The Storm is a “roguelike city builder,” that’s set in a fantasy world where it never stops raining. That is not a fantasy world, that is England. Although, admittedly, we have few talking beavers here. This is all about trying to upgrade a city, while something called the Blightstorm is heading ever closer

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