25 Exciting Indie Games To Wishlist Right Now

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25 Exciting Indie Games To Wishlist Right Now

While the rest of Kotaku are all in their nearest Walmart, fighting strangers to death over the last discounted toaster, I have restored proper British control to the site. With a stiff upper lip and neatly ironed pair of trousers, I’m using my unchallenged authority to write about as many un(der)known indie projects as is humanly possible.

I stress from the start, these are games I have not played, so I don’t vouch for their individual quality. Instead, I’m just excited they exist, and hope you will be too. If you are, an amazing thing you can do for teeny indie developers is wishlist their games on Steam (or elsewhere), which helps the Evil Algorithms give them more deserved attention. You can find links to such pages via the game titles below. So, let’s go.

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From first-time solo developer, Stutter Fox Studios, Falling Frontier looks like something created by a huge team. It’s a science fiction intel-driven RTS, set in procgen star systems, with details as huge as conquering space, and as specific as managing your crew, designing your own ships, and what creator Todd D’Arcy describes as, “simulated search and rescue operations and physicalized combat.” The trailer above is narrated by D’Arcy, and explains the game’s systems, while showing off its absolutely breathtaking visual design.

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