3 Fun Linux Tools to Run on Windows 10 With WSL

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3 Fun Linux Tools to Run on Windows 10 With WSL

We’ve shown you how to install a Linux terminal in Windows 10 with the Windows Subsystem for Linux. But now that you’ve got this command-line interface (CLI) what are you going to do with it? Here are some fun ideas beyond the practical.

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There are a number of fun things you can do with a Linux-based command line for those who love a little geekery. Here are three starter projects to incorporate the command line into your daily routine. We’ve ranked these projects in terms of difficulty from the easiest to the hardest, but all of these projects are still easy enough for beginners. They’re also an excellent way to see what the command line can do. (And yes, this works in WSL on Windows 11, too!)

This tutorial assumes you’re using Ubuntu as your Linux distribution in WSL. If you’re using something else you may have to adapt these commands to suit your needs. Or, you can install Ubuntu as a second Linux terminal and follow along.

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