4K Nintendo Switch Game Development Claims Denied By Nintendo

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4K Nintendo Switch Game Development Claims Denied By Nintendo

In a recent tweet, Nintendo denied that it allowed developers access to tools to make 4K Switch games, or that it had any plans for a 4K console.

In a recent tweet, Nintendo stated that reports of several developers — including Zynga, the mobile game creator — receiving access to a new Nintendo Switch model with 4K support were false. Unlike the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the Switch does not support 4K games, and Nintendo has not announced any plans to release a 4K Switch in the next few years.

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4K gaming refers to the resolution that the video game supports. Games in 4K have clearer, more vibrant visuals, and this new resolution has become standard in the most recent generation of game consoles. Prior to the announcement of a new Switch model, rumors persisted that Nintendo would release a Switch Pro that included 4K support among its new features. Even after the announcement of the Switch OLED, which will not support 4K, there have been reports that Nintendo is still working on a more extensive upgrade for the Switch.

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