$70,000 Pokémon Card Thief Hid Them At Mom’s House

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,000 Pokémon Card Thief Hid Them At Mom’s House

A warehouse worker for one of the UK’s biggest collectable card-selling companies was found guilty last week of stealing over $70,000 of Pokémon cards, and then hiding them in…his mom’s house.

Over the last few years, Pokémon cards have become a hot commodity, with specific cards fetching extraordinary prices at auction. Even recently out-of-print card packs can fetch big numbers, and this has led to an increasing number of stories about theft of the valuable cardboard. The Pokémon Company has attempted to address this by printing billions more cards, but it seems they remain a strong temptation to thieves.

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Kyriacos Christou worked in the warehouse for Magic Madhouse Ltd, an online store for CCG and tabletop gaming, based in Enfield, North London. Over a series of months, he stole an increasing number of Pokémon cards, becoming ever more brazen in his thefts, Magic Madhouse’s owner Michael Duke told Kotaku.

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