90 Day Fiancé: Tania Shares Bold Beach Look After Syngin Introduces GF

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After splitting from Syngin Colchester, Tania Maduro is enjoying her newly single life. She wows 90 Day Fiancé fans with her beach look from Aruba.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Tania Maduro posted her new explicit look on Instagram after her ex-husband, Syngin Colchester, revealed his new girlfriend online. Syngin and Tania were first featured on the show in 2019. Since the couple didn’t have much compatibility, viewers were convinced that their relationship wouldn’t survive and they would break up by the end of the season. But Tania and Syngin surprised fans by tying the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. However, just two years after the marriage, the couple returned on 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 and announced their split.

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During the season, the duo revealed they had different visions about their futures. While Tania wanted to grow her family, Syngin had no interest in becoming a father. Since the South African native appeared too eager to start dating again and Tania seemed hurt by his actions, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers realized that the couple’s split wasn’t mutual. After moving out of Tania’s house, Syngin settled down in Arizona, and a few days ago, he introduced his new woman, Shannon, online.

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