Amazon Smart Thermostat Vs. Nest Thermostat: Is Google's Worth $70 More?

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Amazon Smart Thermostat Vs. Nest Thermostat: Is Google's Worth  More?

Amazon’s Smart Thermostat is a great bargain for an Alexa-powered thermostat, but Google’s Nest Thermostat is time-tested and reliable.

Amazon recently announced a new Smart Thermostat at an incredibly low price, undercutting Google’s Nest Thermostat by $70. The lower price might put pressure on Google and other smart thermostat manufacturers to lower prices over time. Then again, if Amazon’s solution is lacking in some way, perhaps Nest offers more value even at a higher price? The smart thermostats from Amazon and Google easily handle the most basic functions with controls on the unit that allow immediate temperature adjustments. With smart thermostats, however, more should be expected.

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Nest was founded by former Apple engineers in 2010 and began making smart home technology with the launch of the Nest Learning Thermostat. While not the first such device, it was quickly recognized to be among the best. The plan was to continue reinventing unchanged household accessories that were in need of innovation after stagnating for quite some time. In 2014, Google acquired the company, leading to great expectations of what might come next. Under Google, Nest floundered somewhat before a reorganization made it part of Google’s Home division which is shared with its smart speakers and Chromecast. Nest now makes a wide variety of well-designed and reliable products for the home, all of which integrate well with Google Assistant and Android.

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