Amazon’s new Echo Show 15 is meant to hang on your wall

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Amazon’s new Echo Show 15 is meant to hang on your wall

Amazon is once again expanding its lineup of Echo Show smart displays, and this time, it’s going bigger. The new $249.99 Echo Show 15 is the largest smart display the company has released so far, with a 15-inch, 1080p HD display. It’s also got a different design than the company’s prior models — instead of being a touchscreen attached to a bulky speaker, the Echo Show 15 is flat and can be hung on the wall.

Amazon’s pitch for this smart display is for it to be a shared hub for families to see things like upcoming calendar appointments, to-dos, sticky note reminders, and shopping lists. It envisions it being placed in communal spaces — a living room, frequently accessed hallway, and, of course, the kitchen. It’s capable of all the things prior Echo Show smart displays could do, such as playing music, showing weather reports, streaming video, controlling smart home gadgets, and all the other stuff you can ask Alexa for.

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But the Show 15 leverages its larger screen to also show more useful, permanently placed widgets alongside the familiar carousel of headlines, third-party skill advertisements, and so on. Those widgets can be customized depending on your preferences, whether you want to show a calendar, to-do list, recipe recommendations, favorite smart home controls, or whatever. Amazon is building a handful of these widgets itself, but it’s also developed an API that developers can use to add them to their Alexa Skills.

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