Amazon’s New World is bricking RTX GPU — what you need to know

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Amazon’s New World is bricking RTX GPU — what you need to know

Amazon Game Studios’ immensely popular new MMO New World launched this week, bringing with it some hilarious naming restrictions and shattered Steam records. However, it appears that records aren’t all that are being shattered — anecdotal reports of GPU bricking have started cropping up across the internet. 

According to our sister-site PC Gamer, the latest report of New World bricking GPUs comes only a few months after the game’s beta destroyed some users’ fancy new GeForce RTX 3090s. Like with the outcome of that fateful test run, players across the globe are experiencing crashes and subsequent card failure during gameplay, which is an even bigger bummer considering how difficult it is to even find decent GPUs right now. 

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During July’s beta, the issue appeared to be limited primarily to EVGA cards and only happened during New World’s menus, which featured uncapped framerates. EVGA quickly responded with an admission that some poor smoldering on certain cards had contributed to them burning out from drawing too much power, and the company promptly replaced the bricked GPUs. It was assumed that there wouldn’t be any further complications, especially since Amazon stepped in and capped the framerate in menus as a precaution.

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