American Rust Cast & Character Guide

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American Rust Cast & Character Guide

Showtime’s American Rust cast is filled with talented actors from diverse backgrounds, including from Mulholland Drive, Beautiful Boy, and Birdman.

The American Rust cast is filled with talented actors, and their characters are also quite intriguing. The new series on Showtime was created by Dan Futterman and is based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Philipp Meyer that focuses on the crumbling American middle class. It proved to be quite popular and USA Network attempted to adapt it in 2017 before ultimately being scrapped the following year. Then Showtime got involved in 2019, leading to Futterman’s series.

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American Rust follows a murder case that stirs the residents of a fictional town called Buell in the American Rust Belt – an economical region in the Northeastern and Midwest United States, extending from the eastern parts of Illinois and Wisconsin to the north and western parts of Pennsylvania and New York, covering several states that led the country’s manufacturing industries for decades in the 20th century.

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