Animal Crossing: How to Get More Snowflakes (& What They’re For)

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Animal Crossing: How to Get More Snowflakes (& What They’re For)

Snowflakes are a resource that appear during winter seasons in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here’s how to get them and what they’re used for.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will have more furniture to design their dream town with as the game continues to bring more seasonal furniture. Creating new decorations with DIY recipes is the main theme of this installment, and the arrival of colder weather has brought with it a new resource to craft with: snowflakes.

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Making their return from New Leaf, snowflakes are a crafting resource that signify the coming of Winter. This seasonal material appears whenever snow blankets the ground, which will always be designated as the 11th of December in the Northern Hemisphere and 11th of June in the Southern Hemisphere. Or, available year-round to those willing to time travel. When the snow melts in 2 months, snowflakes will no longer appear, making them a crafting resource with limited availability. Here’s how to easily catch these chilly flakes in New Horizons, and what they’re used for.

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