Apex Legends Is Introducing Story Content With Apex Chronicles

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Apex Legends Is Introducing Story Content With Apex Chronicles

A new event series for Apex Legends called Apex Chronicles is introducing bite-sized story quests, starting with Bloodhound’s Old Ways, New Dawn.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that Apex Legends will be receiving a brand-new event series called Apex Chronicles, which will introduce a chain of story quests to the title’s ongoing Battle Royale experience to help expand its narrative. The acclaimed free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Apex Legends, continues to receive updates in the form of new Legends and maps1, and its upcoming season 11 is set to add to the experience with new quality-of-life additions. Dataminers also claim that Apex Legends‘ season 11 will add an island map.

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Apex Legends launched in 2019 as a spin-off of Respawn’s popular franchise, Titanfall, and introduced a new innovative Battle Royale experience. It was lauded for its first-person shooter combat and refined movement mechanics, and it boasted a unique setting filled with a rich cast of characters that had their own personalities, origin stories, and divergent abilities to withstand the battlefield. Although its narrative was originally insubstantial, over time the title saw new in-game changes and events along with cinematic tie-ins. These helped fans dive deeper into the universe of Titanfall to understand the lore surrounding Apex Legends‘ characters and why the Apex Games exist, and this, coupled with a free Steam weekend, led Titanfall 2 to break its concurrent player record.

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