Apico Is Minecraft's Forestry Mod Without The Frustration

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Apico Is Minecraft's Forestry Mod Without The Frustration

Apico is an upcoming simulation game allowing players to farm bees, craft items, and build unique homes, similar to the Foresty mod for Minecraft.

Progression through invention and interaction with the world like what is seen in Minecraft has become a popular gameplay style in recent years and is now featured in Apico, an upcoming indie title. RPGs have added elements of crafting, foraging, and building as a part of open-world exploration, and simulation games have continued to add improved versions of these mechanics in both AAA and indie titles. Apico is a bee-keeping simulator game that has combined many of these mechanics with adorable pixelated graphics, for gameplay that is similar to the Forestry mod for Minecraft.

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Apico’s gameplay is designed to teach players the importance of conservation through interactive beekeeping mechanics. Like in Minecraft, players will find themselves in a unique world that can be interacted with using tools like axes, pickaxes, and shovels. With these tools, resources like stone and wood can be obtained, which will then be used to build everything from homes to apiaries. However, instead of automating machines using Redstone and fighting monsters in dark caves, Apico players will focus on obtaining wild bees that can be raised and bred for new species.

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