ASML Predicts Processors with 300 Billion Transistor by 2030

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ASML Predicts Processors with 300 Billion Transistor by 2030

ASML Holdings is responsible for designing and building machines that manufacture silicon chips, and if someone knows what the future holds, it is ASML. In a document aimed at investors, the Dutch company laid out plans to create processors that will feature over 300 billion transistors of logic by 2030. The company has stated that Moore’s Law, an observation that the transistor count doubles every 18-24 months, is alive and well, despite many predictions that it is coming to an end.

The company laid out plans to develop a chip that will incorporate over 300 billion transistors by 2030. Of course that is not an easy task since some chips like Nvidia’s GA100 are massive and feature “only” 54 billion transistors. However, there is a solid foundation for the 300 billion goal. The company plans to achieve this by dividing the development process into two phases, the first for increased transistor density and the second is an improved packaging phase.

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Each phase has its path, where the first one is transistor density. For nodes below the present 5 nm, like 3 nm and 2 nm nodes, the company wants to utilize nanosheet-FETs with the combination of extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography to manage to scale below the current point. After that, the road to the 1.5 nm node is challenging and requires forked nanosheets to work. And to achieve the 1 nm production, CFET is the technology of choice for new types of transistors. For sub 1 nm sizes, ASML will use 2D atomic channels.

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