Batman’s Greatest Rival Admits the One Thing He Truly Does Best

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Batman’s Greatest Rival Admits the One Thing He Truly Does Best

Batman’s rival, Ghost-Maker, doesn’t compliment The Dark Knight very often, but when Batman’s mind is compromised, he admits what Bats does best.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman #113!

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With Fear State finally arriving in DC Comics, Batman has his hands full trying to keep his city safe, and now his rival turned friend, Ghost-Maker, has complimented Bats on the one thing he actually does incredibly well: build sweet cars! The Batmobile and its various incarnations may be iconic sets of wheels on their own, but Ghost-Maker calling attention to them is a big surprise for a guy that rarely gives Batman the credit he deserves.

Admitted while deep-diving into Batman’s fractured mind during the events of Batman #113, by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, Ghost-Maker isn’t a character usually known for his supportive comments or welcoming demeanor. Tasked by The Dark Knight to help weed out any lingering trauma his psyche may be facing from being subject to Scarecrow’s new and wildly powerful fear tactics, Ghost-Maker uses Batman’s rudimentary “bat-mind-control helmet” to help Bruce ensure that his mind hasn’t been compromised.

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