Battlefield 2042 Teases Unlockable Red-and-Black Weapon, Vehicle Skins

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Battlefield 2042 Teases Unlockable Red-and-Black Weapon, Vehicle Skins

A closer look at Battlefield 2042’s progression system, and its new cosmetic rewards, reveals a focus on completing objectives over scoring kills.

A look at Battlefield 2042‘s upcoming beta gives players a glimpse at a few of the game’s stylish unlockable cosmetics. The first-person shooter, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, will take the beloved franchise into a brand-new near-future setting. The Battlefield 2042 beta’s release date and map were recently revealed, with players able to get their hands on the game in early October.

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October 6 will open up Battlefield 2042‘s beta, with gamers who pre-ordered the exciting shooter getting first access. All other players will have to wait until October 8 to jump in, with the beta ending on October 10 for all players. This open beta test will be similar to Battlefield 2042‘s recent technical playtest, which brought players to the dynamic Orbital map for the series’ signature game mode Conquest. Conquest tasks players with capturing and defending control points across massive maps, with the objective being to control the entire map to push out the enemy team. The upcoming title’s Orbital map sees players engaging on a giant rocket launchpad, with the rocket primed and approaching launch the longer the match drags on. The rocket can even detonate during the match, which will result in the Battlefield series’ signature environmental destruction changing the layout of the map.

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