Berserk Animates The Lost Children Arc in New Fan Video

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Berserk Animates The Lost Children Arc in New Fan Video

Berserk has received a number of anime adaptations in the past. With the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk remaining a beloved franchise in the medium of anime, there are still lots of stories that have yet to be animated. One fan animator has taken matters into their own hands by animating the “Lost Children Arc”, a brutal story that has yet to be animated in either the 1990s anime adaptation or the 2016 television series.       

The world, unfortunately, lost a great artist when Berserk’s creator, Kentaro Miura, passed. Luckily for fans waiting to see how the story of the Band of the Hawk would end, Miura’s assistants in Studio Gaga and fellow manga writer Koji Mouri have vowed to continue the story to give it a proper conclusion. So far, a number of new chapters have landed under the eye of Gaga and Mouri, continuing the battle between Guts and Griffith, with the White Hawk infiltrating Elfheim and capturing Casca for unknown reasons. The series is inching toward its grand finale, and fans are continuing to speculate how Miura’s series will come to an end after decades of storytelling.

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Fan Animator Mark Reymer shared a new video that takes a crack at adapting the battle of the “Lost Children Arc” of Berserk, which saw the Black Swordsman attempting to strike down an apostle who took the appearance of a small child in Rosine and had some terrifying powers to boot:

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