Blink Mini review: a strings-attached home security cam

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Blink Mini review: a strings-attached home security cam

It’s tough not to love a good, super affordable home security camera. The Blink Mini is one of those, like the popular Wyze Cam and entry-level Ring Indoor Cam. It’s a $35 tiny plug-in camera that’s capable enough to meet most people’s needs when it comes to keeping an eye on their home.

The Blink Mini records video in 1080p resolution, allows for two-way audio chat from the smartphone app to the camera, and it can alert your phone when it detects activity in one of your configured activity zones. The Mini has a 110-degree field of view that’s wide enough to see most of your room, and it can see in the dark, too. If you own other Blink cameras, like the recent XT2, you’ll be able to access the Mini’s clips and all of your other footage within the same app.

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None of these features are particularly impressive on their own — at this point, they’re expected out of a smart home security cam, even one that’s as affordable as this. The Blink Mini meets the bar, but doesn’t really exceed my expectations in any way. Much of my enthusiasm for the Blink Mini is chilled because there are other costs associated with getting the most out of it, which hasn’t been the case with previous Blink cameras.

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