Blink’s first doorbell is finally released, four years later

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Blink’s first doorbell is finally released, four years later

Amazon has released a few new products from Blink since acquiring the Kickstarter smart home security darling in 2017, and today, during its fall event, it added three new items to the lineup that are made to mind your various entry points.

Blink announced a doorbell ahead of CES in 2018, but that one doesn’t appear to have hit the market, so this is the first-generation Blink Video Doorbell. It will be available for $49.99 and claims it’s ready for use in any home thanks to a design suited for wired or wire-free installation. 1080p HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio feeds, and integration with Alexa are all a part of the product.

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The doorbell runs on two AA lithium batteries, and Blink says that with a wired installation or paired with a Sync Module 2, the included set can last up to two years. Customers can save clips locally without a subscription if they add a sync module and USB flash drive or opt for the Blink Subscription plan that adds the ability to record, save, and share events. It works with Alexa and can also send event notifications via the Blink app or to an existing in-home chime.

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