Bridgerton: How Anthony & Kate’s Romance Could Beat Daphne & Simon

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Bridgerton: How Anthony & Kate’s Romance Could Beat Daphne & Simon

Bridgerton season 2 is moving past Daphne and Simon, but the upcoming enemies-to-lovers romance between Anthony and Kate may prove to be even better.

Anthony and Kate’s romance in Bridgerton, season 2 will be even better than Daphne and Simon’s in season 1. So far, the hit Netflix series centered on Daphne Bridgerton’s relationship with The Duke of Hastings, which after many ups and downs, ended in a happy marriage. Since their story has wrapped up, the second season will shift focus to another Bridgerton.

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The regency-era drama Bridgerton is based on the book series by Julia Quinn. The second season will follow the plot of the second installment, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and will be about Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma (Kate Sheffield in the book). Their story begins with the classic love/hate trope reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice. Kate is a newcomer to London society, and her sister Edwina is declared the Incomparable of the season. Meanwhile, Kate considers herself too undesirable to attract any suitors, due to her headstrong personality. As audiences saw at the end of the last season, the timing coincides with Anthony’s decision to honor his family name by beginning his search for a wife.

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