CanceledScarface 2 Game Footage Leaks On YouTube

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CanceledScarface 2 Game Footage Leaks On YouTube

Remember in 2006 when we got a Scarface game set after the ending of the classic ‘80s gangster flick? It was a weird setup, but the end result was a slightly clunky, yet kind of fun GTA-like open-world game. Apparently it did well enough that a sequel began development, but it was never finished. However, new footage from that canceled Scarface sequel has surfaced online, giving us a good look at the follow-up that never was.

The newly released footage of this never released sequel, which was known as Scarface Empire, comes courtesy of YouTube channel Mafia Game Videos. The footage shows an early build of the game, showcasing the new Las Vegas setting, upgraded graphics, improved combat, and lots of swearing.

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Mafia Game Videos’ footage demonstrates combat and driving, as well as a new mechanic called “revive,” that would have let Tony survive encounters with random armed thugs. This might have worked like a quick time event (QTE), letting the player recover if they succeeded or die if they failed. The video also shows off a load of supposed concept art for the never-released sequel.

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