Chucky Video Revels First Clip From Child's Play Series

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Chucky Video Revels First Clip From Child's Play Series

Chucky begins to show his murderous tendencies in a new clip from the upcoming USA/Syfy Child’s Play show from original movie creator Don Mancini.

Horror history’s most infamous killer doll starts showing his murderous tendencies in a clip from the upcoming Child’s Play show Chucky. Don Mancini originally unleashed the murderous toy named Chucky in a 1988 slasher classic.

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Mancini’s slasher Child’s Play of course later spawned a string of sequels centered on the iconic villain Chucky as voiced by Brad Dourif. Those sequels were relatively straight-forward initially but later become wildly comical as Mancini introduced Chucky’s bride, played by Jennifer Tilly, along with other increasingly crazy horror twists. After that series ran out of steam, the concept was rebooted in 2019 without Mancini and with a new and presumably relevant smart-technology angle. But that Child’s Play reboot as yet has failed to spawn a sequel, much to Mancini’s own delight. Now the character’s original creator is taking back the reins of Chucky for a USA/Syfy TV show that sees the killer doll teaming up with a lonely teenaged boy in a horror premise that was originally meant for the 1988 Child’s Play movie but was dropped.

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