Cowboy Bebop Opening Credits Show The Future Of Anime Is On Netflix

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Cowboy Bebop Opening Credits Show The Future Of Anime Is On Netflix

With the reveal of Cowboy Bebop’s opening credits building anticipation for the show, the future of anime looks as though it is on Netflix.

Having recently shown off the opening credits to their upcoming Cowboy Bebop adaptation, Netflix continues to prove that it has a promising future as a platform for anime. In recent years, Netflix has allowed for an increase of interest in anime and anime-inspired media by making more titles accessible to its broad audience. Though Crunchyroll and Funimation deserve credit for their creations, the popular streaming service has shown itself to be a viable means for making engaging content available to a wide range of viewers, setting a high standard for the live-action Cowboy Bebop to meet once it has been officially released.

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Netflix’s recent “TUDUM” event was dedicated to showcasing a variety of movies and shows, with one of the featured titles being the upcoming remake of Cowboy Bebop, a show that follows a ragtag team of bounty hunters who scour the galaxy for the worst criminals. A preview to the show came in the form of a recreation of the original Cowboy Bebop’s opening, complete with the same stylized visual effects and even including the iconic main theme from the anime. The new series, by all accounts, seems as though it will stay faithful to the source material while also appearing distinctly more grounded in reality when it comes to the characters’ designs.

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