Dave Bautista Corrects Daniel Craig's Spectre Broken Nose Story

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Dave Bautista Corrects Daniel Craig's Spectre Broken Nose Story

Daniel Craig recently told the story of how he broke Dave Bautista’s nose while filming Spectre, but Bautista says one part of his version isn’t true.

Dave Bautista corrects the story of how Daniel Craig broke his nose while filming SpectreThe 24th film in the James Bond franchise and the second from director Sam Mendes released in 2015 and went on to earn more than $880 million at the global box office. The latest Bond movie, Cary Joji Fukunaga’s No Time To Die, is scheduled to release in the US on October 8.

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With Craig set to make his fifth and final appearance as the MI6 agent, much of his press tour for No Time To Die has been revisiting his history with the franchise, which included a good amount of physical damage. The Bond actor has been hurt several times filming these stunt-heavy movies, and said his worst injury was to his knee during the Spectre train fight with Bautista’s assassin Mr. Hinx. He accidentally got his revenge, though, when he threw a punch that broke Bautista’s nose, after which he claimed he yelled and ran off set to avoid potential payback.

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