DBZ: Why Piccolo vs Android 17 Rematch Would Be Closer Than You Think

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DBZ: Why Piccolo vs Android 17 Rematch Would Be Closer Than You Think

What would have happen if Piccolo and Android 17 had a rematch in Dragon Ball’s future? The outcome would be much closer than expected.

If a Piccolo vs. Android 17 rematch were to happen in Dragon Ball’s future, the outcome may not be what fans expect. After returning to the spotlight, 17 has been positioned as one of the anime’s most powerful fighters. In fact, he was shown to be on par with Super Saiyan Blue Goku ahead of the Tournament of Power.

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Android 17’s off-screen power boost puts his power below Goku and Vegeta, but in the same league as Dragon Ball heavyweights like Frieza, Ultimate Gohan, Hit, and Future Trunks. Clearly, he’s come a long way since his legendary fight with Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z’s Android Saga. The long and brutal slugfest favored Piccolo, but had no clear winner. Since then, the Namekian lost his relevancy, whereas the android was dropped completely. However, it became obvious upon 17’s return in Dragon Ball Super that he was a whole other level to what he was before. He was far from strongest fighter in the tournament, but he did perform well enough to survive fights with Jiren and Top, outlast all the other Z-Warriors, and ultimately win the tournament for Universe 7.

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