DC Comics' Heroes Get Their Own Clue-Style Board Game Cover

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DC Comics' Heroes Get Their Own Clue-Style Board Game Cover

DC Comics heroes get the board game treatment in an incredible new connecting variant cover by Trevor Hairsine and Danny Miki for The Human Target

Warning! Spoilers for the upcoming The Human Target series at DC Comics below

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The Human Target is returning to DC Comics in a brand-new 12 issue miniseries, and DC Comics just revealed a stunning connecting variant cover that stars several heroes in their own Clue-like board game. Danny Miki and Trevor Hairsine’s “Whodunit?” variant features the likes of Martian Manhunter, Fire and Ice, and Guy Gardner in their own murder mystery board game, as the cover references the ongoing special case of the upcoming series.

The Human Target is a classic DC Comics character who originally appeared in the early 1950s under the name Fred Venable. However, the most popular version of the hero is Christopher Chance, who debuted in the early 1970s before starring in his own books at Vertigo in the late ’90s. Chance, a private investigator who takes over the identities of those who have hired him to become a literal human target, has been adapted in live-action multiple times, including his most recent appearance on the sixth season of Arrow. Now, Chance is back in a starring role for Tom King and Greg Smallwood’s upcoming Black Label miniseries at DC Comics.

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