DC Reveals Constantine & Robin Covers as Bad Boy Heroes Get YA Comics

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DC Reveals Constantine & Robin Covers as Bad Boy Heroes Get YA Comics

DC has revealed the covers for Constantine: Distorted Illusions and Teen Titans: Robin, the latest in the company’s YA graphic novel initiative.

As part of their continued YA graphic novel initiative, DC Comics has revealed covers for two new graphic novels starring Constantine and Robin. With the success of its other graphic novels in the Teen Titans series, it’s no wonder that DC would want to continue this line of works. The author of the three other Teen Titans books is penning another, along with a separate title.

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DC’s YA line has published numerous graphic novels for young readers. These have included Shadow of the Batgirl, The Oracle Code, Nubia: Real Ones, and You Brought Me the Ocean, amongst many others. One of the most popular series in this initiative has been the Teen Titans line. Those began with Teen Titans: Raven and Teen Titans: Beast Boy. These stories then continued into the recently released Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven. Now, a new installment will continue to add into this world of the Teen Titans and another new graphic novel will bring John Constantine to a YA crowd not long after being worked into a graphic novel for even younger readers (The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher).

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