D&D: Using Narrative To Change Character Alignments During A Campaign

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D&D: Using Narrative To Change Character Alignments During A Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons characters start with a specific character alignment, but this can change during the course of a narrative thanks to major events.

Alignments are an important part of character building in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. These attributes, like Chaotic Good or Neutral Evil, allow players guidance when making decisions in character, and help provide a framework for how certain characters will react in any given situation. However, it is possible to change alignments throughout the course of a D&D campaign by taking the events of the story and how they would affect a character into consideration.

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Often times when building a character for a D&D campaign, the traits and alignments players put down on their sheet can feel binding. A character’s alignment is often used as a description alongside their class, race, and hair color. However, alignments aren’t an immoveable or unchangeable trait. One of the most exciting parts of playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign is the adventure players go on, and how that adventure shapes the character they choose to use. Leaving room for that growth in their personality can create a more fulfilling experience both for the player, and the party interacting with them.

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