Deathloop review

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Deathloop review

A thoughtful response to Dishonored that makes for an entertaining stealth shooter in its own right, but it’s the multiplayer invasions that make Deathloop sing.

What is it? An immersive sim, much like Dishonored, but this time set in a time loop.
Expect to pay $60/£50
Release date September 14, 2021
Developer Arkane Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Reviewed on RTX 3080Ti, 32GB RAM, Ryzen 7 3700X
Multiplayer? You can invade someone else’s game, and be invaded in turn.
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Arkane Studios is calling me out. It knows how I played Dishonored 2—my habit of quickloading away any mistake in pursuit of a perfect stealth playthrough. And given that almost 30% of Steam players have the Ghostly achievement for finishing a mission without ever being spotted, I suspect I’m not alone. Despite having a suite of tools for dealing with messy situations, we ignored them in favour of the most OP button on our keyboard: F9. With Deathloop, Arkane is removing the crutch. Quicksave is gone.

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