Deathloop’s Film Inspirations Range From Tarantino to They Live

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Deathloop’s Film Inspirations Range From Tarantino to They Live

From classic spy adventures to bizarre sci-fi thrillers, Arkane Studios pulled inspiration from many cinematic sources while developing Deathloop.

While crafting the stylish time loop shooter Deathloop, developer Arkane Studios pulled inspiration from a variety of cinematic sources. The recently-released title puts players in the shoes of Colt, a man trapped in an endless time loop on the island of Blackreef. Deathloop tasks players with assassinating eight key Visionaries, with each successive loop giving players more and more knowledge to help track down their elusive targets.

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Deathloop holds several similarities to Arkane Studios’ previous work, particularly on the Dishonored series. Both properties put a focus on assassination, with each level in the Dishonored titles focusing on reaching and eliminating a specific target. Supernatural powers also bind both Arkane works, as Deathloop provides players with a variety of abilities which closely resemble those available in Dishonored. While the time loop adventure puts a heavy emphasis on first-person shooter mechanics, various other tools also allow players to manipulate the game world in each game. Further connections between Dishonored and Deathloop may even suggest that the two franchises take place in the same universe, with Deathloop being set decades after the last Dishonored installment.

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