Deathloop's Most Clever Easter Eggs & References To Other Games

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Deathloop's Most Clever Easter Eggs & References To Other Games

Deathloop features a host of cool Easter eggs and references centered around System Shock, Tomb Raider, Dishonored, and other Bethesda games.

Deathloop has been out for a few weeks, and players have already uncovered a handful of Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Arkane’s Deathloop has gotten positive reviews from the gaming community since release, with player praising the unique gameplay and twisting story. It’s a notably great experience that is made even better by the handful of Easter eggs that the developer includes around Blackreef.

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Arkane has a history of including Easter eggs in its games that call back to its own titles as well as other franchises. The Dishonored games have included nods to Thief and the Dark Souls series, while 2017’s Prey included many references to characters from the Dishonored series. Even the more recent Wolfenstein: Youngblood has references to the runes in Dishonored, Frogger, Tetris, and more, showing that the devs at Arkane seem to be big fans of Easter egg inclusion in its games.

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