Dell G5 5500 review: “Looks aren’t everything”

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Dell G5 5500 review: “Looks aren’t everything”

A decent choice of entry-level gaming laptop for beginners, with good performance and a sensible price.

Dell’s G5 series of gaming laptops have been through many iterations, and we’re not entirely convinced by this one. On paper, it slots nicely into the market as a reasonably priced entry, providing decent all-round 1080p gaming performance with a broad selection of models with specs and prices to fit every gamer’s needs. Our review model is a middle-of-the-road version – no performance to emulate that of the best gaming PC here!

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In practice, this new G5 doesn’t quite measure up, largely due to physical design issues. These complaints likely won’t be deal-breakers for everyone, however; some potential buyers might love features that this reviewer despised. Read on to find out if the G5 5500 is the best gaming laptop for you or one that’s safe to skip.

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