Dell’s new XPS 13 is everything a Windows laptop should be

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Dell’s new XPS 13 is everything a Windows laptop should be

Every time a new XPS 13 comes out, the question is always the same: is it still the best Windows thin-and-light laptop? I’ll spare you the suspense here: the answer is yes.

If there’s one thing Dell is great at, it’s not making sweeping innovations that change what we expect out of a laptop (at least, not with its XPS line). It’s figuring out what needs to be fixed and methodically addressing issues without breaking anything else along the way. Two years ago, it was the god-awful nosecam. Last year, it was the small touchpad and the 16:9 screen. Those were easy fixes and Dell corrected them. The result is a laptop that’s not perfect — but it does most things almost perfectly. Configurations on Dell’s website currently start at $1,199 — the one I tested is listed for $1,749.

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The most noticeable change you’ll see from last year’s XPS is the display. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: the 16:9 screen is (finally!) no more. Dell has shaved a big chunk off the bottom bezel — it’s gone from 19.5mm to 4.6mm. (There’s also a dropped barrel hinge that hides a bit of it below the keyboard deck).

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