Discord teams with YouTube for ‘Watch Together’ feature

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Discord teams with YouTube for ‘Watch Together’ feature

Discord has officially begun testing YouTube integration with the new ‘Watch Together’ feature, which lets members watch videos together in voice channels.

The feature is still in its early, experimental stages, and currently is only available in a very limited number of Discord servers, but The Verge reports that testing will broaden over the coming weeks, with a full launch for all users in the works for October.

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Google, YouTube’s parent company, recently undertook legal action to shut down a pair of high-profile third-party music bots, Rythm and Groovy, which together were installed on 36 million Discord servers. At the time, Rythm’s creator said they expected the crackdown to eventually shutter every music bot available on the platform. According to The Verge, a similar feature was briefly tested late last year, and Discord is now repurposing it as the Watch Together feature specifically because Google is so aggressively shutting down music bots.

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