Disney+ Still Has A Long Way To Go Before Beating Netflix

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Disney+ Still Has A Long Way To Go Before Beating Netflix

Disney+ has been a remarkable success, but data from Netflix confirms it still has a long way to go to beat its biggest rival streaming service.

As successful as Disney+ may be, it still has a long way to go before it can beat Netflix. When Disney launched their streaming service in late 2019, industry analysts originally predicted it would hit what they called the “ambitious target” of 50 million subscribers by 2020. That would have been viewed as a tremendous success, including by Disney, but reality proved even better for the House of Mouse. Disney+ passed 100 million subscribers in March 2021, and current projections suggest Disney+ will hit 294 million subscribers by 2026 – beating Netflix’s projected 286 million for that year.

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The streaming wars have certainly heated up, but the front-runners are undoubtedly Netflix and Disney+. Other streaming services are expected to trail behind these two, with predictions Amazon’s Prime Video service will reach 184 million by 2026, HBO Max will reach 50 million, and Apple TV+ will reach just 11 million. Disney will be relieved to see their pivot to streaming has paid off so well, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected its other revenue streams.

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