Does No Time To Die Have A Post-Credits Scene?

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Does No Time To Die Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Daniel Craig returns in his last outing as James Bond. Does No Time to Die have a post-credits scene sendoff – or is there a more fitting tribute?

The latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, is soon to hit theaters, but does it have a post-credits scene to stick around for once the credits roll? Daniel Craig, who recently passed the last Roger Moore as the longest-tenured James Bond actor, will be stepping into the role of 007 one last time. After five films and 15 years of playing the world’s suavest spy, Craig will finally put down the baton to be picked up by a new actor.

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The final film is a swan song for the Craig era, with familiar faces returning, long-running plotlines wrapped up, and the story of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies coming to a satisfying close. It’s been a long time coming since 2005, when Craig’s casting caused an uproar among longtime James Bond franchise fans who felt Craig wasn’t suave enough, taking particular issue with his blonde hair, shorter stature and rugged rather than refined good looks. It all turned out to be silly criticism, of course–Daniel Craig completely updated and reinvented what had become a tired character and franchise, and No Time to Die is his victory lap.

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