EV Batteries Are Only Going to Get Better

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EV Batteries Are Only Going to Get Better

Economists and automotive pundits seems to be split on leasing. The general consensus is that if you change vehicles often, leasing is a good deal. the other side of that coin is that after your lease ends you’re left with nothing. The vehicle goes away and you have to start all over. There are both valid considerations, but for me, it comes down to one giant consideration, battery technology. 


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Recently we put our hard-earned cash (well my wife actually works, I’m a journalist, which is like getting paid for a series of homework assignments) into leasing the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric. It has 258 miles of range, supports charging up to 100kW, and has room for our two dogs and probably additional humans, but the dogs are really the important ones here. It checks all the marks we need for our transportation needs. But, in three years it’ll be returned to Hyundai and we’re totally fine with that and that’s because, in three years, the world of battery technology might be different. Or at least, better. 

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