Even the Avengers Are Obsessed With Spotting Mephisto Clues

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Even the Avengers Are Obsessed With Spotting Mephisto Clues

Fan theories about the demon Mephisto in the MCU are hard to escape – and even the Avengers in the comics have started seeing him everywhere.

Warning: contains spoilers for Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1!

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Ever since the debut of Wandavision on Disney+, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have speculated as to the whereabouts of the demon Mephisto – and it appears the Avengers have their own theories as well. Any mysterious goings-on in the latest MCU film or TV series is bound to prompt a search for Marvel’s analogue to the Prince of Darkness. This holds true in the comics as well, for in Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1, written by Evan Narcisse with art by Germán Peralta and colors by Jesus Aburtov, Mephisto is seen as Suspect #1 by T’Challa when the galaxy is threatened.

In current comics continuity, the ruler of the Dark Dimension and long-running Doctor Strange villain Dormammu has a new terrifying form. He’s merged with Ego the Living Planet (who is decidedly not the father of Star-Lord in the comics) and leads an army of Mindless Ones as he attacks the galaxy. While the Guardians of the Galaxy formulate a plan, Commander Brand decides to contact the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda – and though T’Challa did not create the Empire, he is still their leader.

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