Every 2021 Movie Now Releasing In 2022

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Every 2021 Movie Now Releasing In 2022

Many notable movies that were originally scheduled to release in 2021 have now been pushed back to 2022. Here’s every one of those films.

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, many 2021 movies have been delayed to 2022. As the pandemic continues to engulf the world, the entertainment industry – particularly movie and TV studios – have reshuffled their release schedules to accommodate production shutdowns and theaters being closed globally. While some countries and states in the United States have relaxed their restrictions to allow for theaters to open up, things remain in a constant state of flux.

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In response to the pandemic, several movies were pulled from the calendar altogether and still lack a release date, while some were sent direct to VOD or streaming, as was the case with Trolls World Tour and Disney’s Artemis Fowl. To prevent schedule clashes and the risk of overwhelming the market after all the delays from 2020 to 2021, some studios have moved lots of previously scheduled 2021 film releases back to 2022 in order to accommodate the major reshuffle.

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