Every Baz Luhrmann Movie Ranked From Worst To Best (Including Elvis)

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Every Baz Luhrmann Movie Ranked From Worst To Best (Including Elvis)

Writer-director Baz Lurhmann makes unique films and is regarded as a contemporary auteur. Here’s how his movies compare, including Elvis.

When it comes to his films, Baz Luhrmann has a very particular sense of style, making for a fun ranking of his movies, including his most recent, Elvis. The most commercially successful Australian director also works in opera, theater, music, and recording industries, and is extensively involved in art and the world of fashion. In 2004, Luhrman created an extended ad for Chanel titled No. 5 Film. The ad starred Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro and cost $33 million. The short film ad essentially changed the perfume game into what it is today and maintains its Guinness World Record award for the highest-budgeted commercial of all time – highlighting his exuberant sensibilities.

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Before becoming chummy with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Romeo + Juliet’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Baz Luhrmann was known as Mark Anthony Luhrmann. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the auteur’s mother is a ballroom dance teacher and his father is a movie theater owner. He was bitten by the acting bug in high school and participated in a number of Shakespeare plays. This is also where he met frequent collaborator Craig Pearce. In 1981, he was cast in the Australian drama film Winter of Our Dreams, and used his earnings to fund his own theater company called The Bond Theatre Company. After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts he went on to complete his first full-length feature film, Strictly Ballroom, in 1992.

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