Every Mike Flanagan Netflix Horror Ranked Worst To Best

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Every Mike Flanagan Netflix Horror Ranked Worst To Best

Mike Flanagan has managed to reinvigorate the horror genre via a nuanced study of the human psyche. Here’s every Netflix horror by Flanagan, ranked.

Here’s every Mike Flanagan Netflix horror ranked from worst to best. Having established himself as a prolific master of horror in the industry over the last decade, Flanagan has reinvented the genre in more ways than one. As seen in his feature-length offerings such as Oculus and Hush, Flanagan’s tales are intimate vignettes of terror, looking into the folds of what it means to be human in the face of the unknown.

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However, it was Flanagan’s widely acclaimed Netflix miniseries, The Haunting of Hill House that positioned his oeuvre in the public eye, as the series dismantled the clichéd tropes of supernatural horror and reinvigorated it. While Hill House brimmed with genuine chills, pathos, and heart, The Haunting of Bly Manor spelled out an unnerving tale of love, loss, and sacrifice. Other than these entries, Flanagan also helmed The Shining’s sequel, Doctor Sleep, along with Absentia, Gerald’s Game, and the immensely underrated Before I Wake.

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