Ex Disney Boss Bob Iger Predicts Disappointing Change for Movie Theaters in the Future

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Ex Disney Boss Bob Iger Predicts Disappointing Change for Movie Theaters in the Future

During his time as the CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger made it clear that he was a forward thinker and a man with his finger on the pulse. At almost every turn of his career he knew which way the wind was about to blow, and not just because he used to be a weatherman. While leading Disney, Iger took charge of their future in a big way by acquiring hte likes of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox, four acquisitions that have made Disney the entertainment behemoth that it is now and will continue to be. Speaking in a new interview, and considering his track record of soothsaying, Iger had a grim prediction for the future of movie theaters, and it may well be partially his fault.

“I think what Covid did actually- it accelerated a change in consumer behavior, which is that pre-Covid, there was growth in these streaming services,” Iger told The New York Times. “What Covid did is, it forced people in, and people still wanted to be entertained, so they figured out how to use- basically, I call it app-based television or app-based entertainment. And they got really comfortable with it. They not only like it. They discovered that there’s huge choice. There’s tremendous amount of quality for everybody. The good side of this for talent is that because of technology, which enables more distribution and more consumption, what the industry has discovered with the growth and consumption is a growth in production. So there’s a lot more being made.”

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Here comes the prediction, when prompted by this answer to consider if the success of streaming is the “death” of movie theaters, Iger replied:

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