FIFA 22 players on Xbox Series S say it’s a blurry mess

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FIFA 22 players on Xbox Series S say it’s a blurry mess

FIFA 22 is set to launch this Friday, but some players have got early access thanks to the EA Play trial and the release of the game’s Ultimate Edition. While players on PS5 and Xbox Series X have been enjoying the new features like the Hypermotion animation system, soccer fans on Xbox Series S aren’t quite so pleased. 

Various threads on the EA Forums and Reddit are filled with Xbox Series S players reporting that the game is extremely blurry on the less powerful next-gen Xbox. It’s believed that this is down to a lack of anti-aliasing. This is causing such unfocused images that some players cannot even read the name and number on the back of a player’s shirt during a match. 

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The problems get even worse. FIFA 22 on Xbox Series S reportedly renders at just 720p resolution, compared to 1080p like in FIFA 21. Some Xbox Series S players are so fed up they’ve resorted to playing the Xbox One version of the game instead despite the last-gen port lacking several new features including the aforementioned Hypermontion technology. 

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