Fortnite: Where To Find A Recon Scanner Location (Season 8)

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Fortnite: Where To Find A Recon Scanner Location (Season 8)

Players need to find the Recon Scanners to complete a challenge in Fortnite. In Season 8, these weapons are only available at IO Bases.

Recon Scanners will be required to complete one Character Quest in Fortnite Season 8, but they can also be useful during a typical match. One of the biggest changes to come to Season 8 of Fortnite are the new Character Quests, during which players will be tasked with finding an NPC and helping them complete various activities. The newest NPC to join the game is Wrath, and he has a Punch Card of five challenges for players to complete in exchange for increasing amounts of XP toward leveling up the Battle Pass. One of these challenges requires players to spot two enemy players using the Recon Scanner.

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The Recon Scanner is a weapon that allows players to shoot a probe to scan the area in front of them for loot and enemies. This weapon made its debut in season 7 and was used as a tool to stop the alien invaders. Recon Scanners were so good last season that Epic Games had to step in and add more time to its cooldown to nerf it. During Fortnite Season 8, there is only one way to get a Recon Scanner.

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