Get 1 month of PS Plus for $1 with this limited-time deal

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Get 1 month of PS Plus for  with this limited-time deal

You can get one month of PlayStation Plus for one dollar right now if you aren’t currently subscribed, but the offer ends soon.

This is just about the best PlayStation Plus subscription deal we’ve seen for new and returning PS Plus subscribers; the only thing that could make it better would be opening it up for current subscribers so they could pop another month of membership onto the end of their current window. The deal will be available through Sunday at 11:59 pm PDT / Monday at 2:59 am EDT.

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You’re usually better off grabbing longer subscriptions – 3 or ideally 12 months – at once to get the most bang for your buck, but $1 for a month of access pretty easily blows out the usual value equation. One of the biggest benefits of signing up for PS Plus is access to online multiplayer. For instance, you can play Deathloop on PS5 without a subscription, but if you want to invade other players’ games as Julianna (or fight off PvP invasions yourself) you’ll need an active PS Plus subscription.

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