Get Four Tile Trackers For Just $55 Right Now

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Get Four Tile Trackers For Just  Right Now

Losing stuff is never fun. That’s the exact reason Bluetooth trackers were invented, and right now, you can get four Tile Mate trackers for $55 on Amazon, which is $15 off the regular price. If you’re the kind of person who loses stuff all the time, you’ll want to pick these up.

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Tile trackers are useful for keeping track of all sorts of stuff. The most obvious place to put them is your keys, but the sky’s the limit. Lose your purse a lot? Stick a Tile in it. Water bottle constantly finding itself everywhere except where you expect it to be? Attach a Tile to it. Lose your phone on a daily basis? Use Tile’s reverse tracking feature to make it ring.

One of the most significant issues with Tile trackers was the irreplaceable batteries, but the newer models promise one year of battery life and a CR1632 battery you can replace yourself.

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