Gocycle GXi e-bike review: fancy folder

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Gocycle GXi e-bike review: fancy folder

London-based Gocycle is your regular reminder that not all electric bikes are equal.

E-bikes, like electric cars, are available in a dizzying array of styles and price points. If a $150,000 Porsche Taycan Turbo can coexist with a $30,000 Nissan Leaf, then this $5,000 Gocycle GXi can coexist with a $1,000 Swagtron EB12.

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Electric bike sales are exploding worldwide as people look for alternatives to public transportation in an age of social distancing. Elderly riders in Europe discovered long ago that basic e-bikes can extend their mobility and independence well before young urban professionals began flocking to nicely designed electric bikes for a greener, healthier commute. City e-bikes are also catching on in bicycle-obsessed places like Berlin, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam where electric motors assist parents trying to pedal home on two-wheelers loaded with children and groceries. Electric cargo bikes now carry entire families in addition to goods. The e-bike market is clearly evolving, leaving plenty of room for market segmentation.

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