Godzilla-Inspired Monster Game GigaBash Reveals Single-Player Gameplay

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Godzilla-Inspired Monster Game GigaBash Reveals Single-Player Gameplay

A new trailer for GigaBash shows off more of the giant monster brawler, including four distinct story campaigns which each follow a specific kaiju.

A new story mode trailer for the giant monster brawler GigaBash was revealed as a part of Tokyo Games Show 2021. The destructive title, which is heavily inspired by the kaiju genre of films and video games, comes from Malaysia-based indie developer Passion Republic Games. GigaBash has been compared to Super Smash Bros. and Pacific Rim, with up to four players controlling unique giant monsters and duking it out across highly destructible levels.

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The playable roster featured in GigaBash is quite diverse, pulling from popular kaiju franchises such as GodzillaGamera and Ultraman. Players can choose from gigantic robot warriors, a massive plant creature, an adorably destructive yeti, a horned rock kaiju and more. Players use their kaiju’s unique moveset to clobber their gigantic adversaries, with each powerful attack also dealing inevitable damage to the surrounding environment. GigaBash appears to act as a spiritual successor to other giant monster brawlers of the past, many of them involving Godzilla and his cast of supporting characters, but Super Smash Bros. has also been a frequent comparison.

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