GTA 6 Appears To Be A Muted Word On Rockstar's YouTube Channel

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GTA 6 Appears To Be A Muted Word On Rockstar's YouTube Channel

Reportedly, developer Rockstar Games has been muting mentions of Grand Theft Auto 6 in the comments on its official YouTube channel.

Reportedly, Rockstar Games is muting mentions of Grand Theft Auto 6, specifically spellings like GTA 6, in the comments on its YouTube channel. Rumors about the next GTA entry have circulated online for the last several years, though neither Rockstar nor publisher Take-Two have ever confirmed the project’s existence. Some supposed leaks claim the new installment will take players back to the coastal streets of Vice City; fan theories, on the other hand, point to London or rural America as potential locales.

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Kotaku report from April 2020 claimed Rockstar’s new GTA project remained in the incipient stages of production and wouldn’t release in a manner akin to its predecessors. The studio allegedly plans to launch the title as a “moderately sized release” that expands with regular updates. Such a move should aid in mitigating Rockstar’s ever-controversial crunch practices, according to the Kotaku piece. Thus, GTA 6 likely remains a few years out from release, leaving fans as hungry as ever for even the slightest scrap of news.

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